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Mason Shishaware Bowls now in Canada

Each Onyx is made from our proprietary clay body created specifically to optimize your hookah sessions. Shishaware is formulated from a thermal shock resistant stoneware clay, our clay and design ensures a slow thorough baking of the Shisha, retaining an even temperature  throughout the bowl ensuring you a long and flavourful session. The thermal resistant additives to the clay help to defend your bowl against the extreme temperature and stress of heating and cooling during and after your sessions.

The Onyx's unique stem design keeps molasses juices in your bowl and prevents them from dripping into your vase, keeping the juices in your bowl for longer lasting sessions and leaving your water clear for your next session. Onyx has an easy to clean clear glaze on its cooking surface for easy cleaning. Onyx is a variation of the phunnel design, our Shishaware Spokes on the cooking surface help ensure a deep bake as they cook through the Shisha not just under it. The Shishaware Spokes assist in partitioning your packs into equal thirds, perfect for portioning out your favourite mixes. Our production cast process creates consistency in the physical dimensions of each bowls cooking surface and spire height to ensure a perfect fit for your heat management device and the same shisha area depth on each bowl. Each bowl will hold approximately 14-18 grams of Shisha depending on your pack density and the brand you are using. 

Flavourful long lasting sessions while using very little shisha ensures nothing goes to waste and that you are getting the most out of each bowl. No shisha is left uncooked.  

Fits all major heat management devices and the thin lip means it works great with foil as well! 

Look for our signature masons mark on every bowl! 

Find out why many hookah enthusiasts name this the best premium hookah bowl on the market! 

*Each bowl is hand-glazed and hand-finished so slight variations may occur from images shown

* Depending on thickness of hand-applied glaze, the masons mark logo may not be  fully visible on some pieces

- (From our friends at Mason Shishaware) 

Note, all orders will need to be registered on the Masonshishaware website