Steamulation X-Blow Off Set Carbon Black Matt Leather for Pro X Mini

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Sleeve Colour description: Carbon Black Matt Leather

The Steamulation X-Blow Off technology is here! With the Steamulation Prime Pro X, Steamulation is the inventor and pioneer of adjustable Blow Off without conversion.
The Steamulation X-Blow Off technology is now the next generation of Steamulation Blow Off systems!
Developed and registered by Steamulation. Unique in the world, this system allows you to adjust the blow off while smoking without conversion. Simply fascinating! With this technology, 15 different blow off combinations are possible!

The Steamulation X-Blow Off Set contains the Steamulation X-Blow Off Adapter Set as well as a sleeve.

 Current compatibility: Steamulation Pro X Mini


Both X-Blow Off adapters have four different blow-off options/switch positions. In one of these switch positions, the Blow-Off is closed. Do NOT close the upper and lower Blow-Off adapters at the same time! Blowing against closed Blow Offs leads to overpressure in the bowl and the water rises in the smoke column. Attention: Water comes out of the smoke column bubbling!