Tymber WAR Set

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Tymber the most customizable hookah hose in the world just got even more modular! Now you can replace the mouth tip of your favorite

Tymber set with this metal Warhead tip. Not only does it look great and completely transforms the looks of your favorite handle but it feels great, comfortable on the mouth and works great with your favorite Eclypse mouth tips and more.

Each Warhead is made from CNC aluminum to keep the overall lightweight feel of the Tymber intact.

Fitting Tip: Wet rubber orings with water for easier application into the carbon tube.

Whats Included:

1x Tymber War Black Carbon Handle - standard length - (Gold Logo) 

1x Tymber War Black Handle Set (top and bottom)

1x Mason Ultra Black Soft Touch Silicone Hose - with SS spring and male port adapter 

1x Set of Rubber O-Rings 

 (From Masonshishaware.com)