Gravyl Shishaware Bowl - Joker

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GRAVYL is designed with a deep and wide trench to allow enough space for deep dense packed tobaccos and enough room to fluff those blonde leaf brands to perfection! While still saving shisha at only 14-17 grams! It features engraved deep patterns around the base for easy gripping in between sessions as well as acting like a heat sink so it doesn't get as hot to the touch. What is most exciting is that we developed a new Shishaware claybody for GRAVYL as it is made from high mineral brown stoneware which yields high heat retention. The only USA made brown stoneware production bowl on the market! This allows this bowl to retain heat like no other! High heat retention means long lasting flavourful sessions, no uncooked flavour is left behind!

It packs a big punch for standing at a tiny 3 inches tall! GRAVYL performs so wonderfully you will have to try it out for yourself to believe it!


NOTE: These are hand-thrown pieces, due to the unique nature of handmade products each GRAVYL may vary