Quasar RAAS x Social Smoke

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The ultimate thermic head

Quasar, the creator of innovative products has collaborated with Social Smoke, the highest quality American handcrafted tobacco brand,to offer the consumer a heightened hookah experience. 

We have created a special edition of the RAAS that pays tribute to Social Smokeand showcases the union of expertise and craftsmanship.

Patented technology offers an intense and controlled session:
- The new airflow management allows a self-regulated heating.
- The double-walled heat system prevents the ash from falling into the hearth thus avoiding the degradation of flavors.

The borosilicate bowl is quick to prepare and can vary the intensity depending on the dosage (between 15 and 20 grams).
The flexible connector fits all hookahs.
Silicone rings make handling easy at all times.(quesar-shisha.com)